A big thank you to our organizers and all of the 170 attendees for making Whose Turn Is It Anyway? 2015 a wonderful success.  Little sleep was had, in trade for much fun!

We’d also like to recognize some of the games we all enjoyed over the four days of fun.
First, the HOT Games.  These are games that our attendees reported they saw getting the most play.

This year’s Top Five Hot Games, in order of their finish in the voting, were:

  1. Castles of Mad King LudwigHot GamesWebSm
  2. Roll for the Galaxy
  3. Two Rooms and a Boom
  4. Five Tribes
  5. Scoville

Congrats to these games for garnering so much attention from our amazing attendees. Honorable mention goes to three games that were just out of the running:  Rattlebones, Concordia, and Orleans




Next up are this year’s favorites. These are the games attendees reported they most enjoyed playing. Each of the following received at least four mentions and are in order with most mentions at the top:

  1. Castles of Mad King LudwigCrowd FavoritesWeb
  2. Roll For The Galaxy
  3. Advanced Civilization
  4. Concordia
  5. Five Tribes
  6. Orleans
  7. Two Rooms and a Boom