Friends. Games. Fun!

Whose Turn Is It Anyway? is four days (or Two days if you prefer our new two day passes!) of friends (new and old) gathering to play board games together. While the focus is gaming, socializing with friends is an important facet. So important, in fact, that people often get distracted from the gaming, thus our name.  What they aren’t distracted from is board gaming in general.  While many of us are avid RPG and video game players, Whose Turn is focused solely on board games.

While many think of Whose Turn as a very long game day with friends, it’s even more than that. Whose Turn also features:

Library Before The Crowd Arrives

More Games Than You Can Shake A Meeple At!

Our library is created by the attendees and contains HUNDREDS of games.  Those rare and out of print titles you’ve been wanting to try? They’ll be there.  The latest greatest hotness that you missed out on the Kickstarter or pre-order for?  Yup, here’s your chance to play.  Plus anything else you might be interested in.


Play To Win

At Whose Turn, the Play to Win table features a pile of games donated by publishers. Each time you play one of these games, you earn an entry in a random drawing to win it! Over 30 games have been pledged to Whose Turn and you can see the list updated as they arrive.



Unpub Protozone

We have some amazing game designers here in NC and they, along with some out of state designer friends, will be showing off their latest designs!  Here’s your chance to meet local designers, try out games before they are published, and even offer your feedback to the designer.

Are you a designer interested in participating?  Contact us to let us know!




While Whose Turn is focused on open gaming, in addition to Play To Win, we often throw in a tournament or interesting contest or two.  What will this year’s surprises be?




Learning Zone

Demo/Teaching games are set up throughout Whose Turn.  No sifting through rule books. Just sign up and learn from someone that already knows the classic or hot new game you’ve been wanting to try.




Gaming and Friends

This Con is For the Attendees!

Whose Turn is not for profit and we survey attendees after every event to determine what they’d like to change and keep the same. We’re always open to feedback and new ideas.  And we welcome attendees to get involved and run their own events, demos, and activities!



Flea Market

Speaking of Attendee run events, one of the most popular is the flea market! Sell those games you never play, find out of print rarities, fill out your collection. On Saturday morning, wheeling and dealing happen as attendees sell off unwanted games and/or add to their collection.

(Almost) Non-Stop Board Gaming

Prior to this year, the board gaming went through the night each night.  That’s not an option at the Durham Convention Center, but the game room won’t close until at least 2am each night!

Where, When, and How Much?

This year’s Whose Turn will be held at the Durham Convention Center Junior Ballroom and runs from Thursday, January 25th through Sunday, January 28th, 2018. Doors will open at 9am each morning and close at 2am.

  • 4-Day passes are $75
  • 2-Day passes are $50 and are available for Thurs/Fri, Fri/Sat, or Sat/Sun.
  • Youth (ages 10-15) are $35 regardless of the number of days.

Ready to join in?

If you already have an account, follow the registration instructions.

If you don’t have an account, create one here.  Whose Turn is an invitational, so be sure to include the name of the person who invited you in the account creation form.

You can find more details about the event in the Frequently Asked Questions.