Why the Registration Deadline?

First, Whose Turn has always required pre-registrations.  Additionally, meeting space is expensive.  We can only afford to reserve as much as the budget will allow. The DCC required us to commit to the exact space we'll be using by January 12th. With that in mind, on Jan 12th we had to guesstimate how many people might register during the last two weeks before the event and commit to the space that will hold our final number of attendees.

As a not for profit endeavor with a tight budget, we could not afford to reserve a lot of extra space for late registrants.

COVID Precautions

Unplugged Gaming, LLC places a high priority on the health and safety of our participants. The following information is based on the current rate of COVID infections in our area, expert recommendations, and venue/federal/state regulations. This is subject to change as conditions warrant.

By registering to attend, you agree to abide by the policies as they are published here on the day that the events start.

Vaccination/Testing/Mask Requirements

IMPORTANT! The following is subject to change based on the situation, recommendations, and regulations at the time of the event.

  • UPDATE 1/19/2023 - At the time we opened registration, the COVID Community Level for Durham, Wake, and Orange Counties were all Low.  Currently, however, Durham is high and the other two counties are Medium (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/covid-by-county.html)
  • The CDC no longer recommends screening and mask mandates, noting that we have achieved significant risk mitigation through vaccination. (They continue to recommend people wear masks in specific situations.)
  • The vast majority of other events and venues have ended screening and mandates

Under these current conditions, our policy going forward will be:

  • No requirement to prove vaccination status or negative PCR test
  • No requirement to wear a mask, but will strongly encourage and support people wearing masks as a precautionary measure and will emphasize that even though COVID levels may be low, there are still other health concerns to be aware of (hello! flu season everyone!)
  • We will retain all policies and guidelines about people not attending if they experience any symptoms, test positive, etc.
  • We WILL have a masks required room. Our aim is to have that room significantly separated from the other spaces, if possible. We will also survey, closer to the event, to gauge how much the room will be used so that we can size it appropriately.
  • Most important, we reserve the right to adjust policy based on the conditions, expert recommendations, DCC policies, and any mandates at the time of the event. (i.e. if the situation changes and warrants bringing back mask or vaccine mandates, we will). Additionally, refunds will not be available based on policy changes. (i.e. if the situation, expert recommendations, DCC policies, or a mandate requires that we later require vaccinations and/or masks).
  • By registering to attend, you agree to abide by the policies published here at the start of the event! (even if they have changed since the date that you registered)
  • Refund Exception – If you provide proof of a positive COVID (PCR) test, from a doctor or medical facility, that occurs within 14 days of the convention, a refund may be requested. This exception is offered in order to help everyone do their part to keep Whose Turn as safe as possible.

All attendees must agree to abide by the following rules/precautions. Unplugged Gaming, LLC reserves the right to change these rules at any time based on current conditions, CDC guidance, and local laws/regulations. Attendees must further agree to abide by any such changes.

  • Participants agree to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (symptoms typically include fever, cough, and shortness of breath).
  • Any Participant experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of their anticipated arrival date will notify Unplugged Gaming by email at robr@whoseturn.org and withdraw from participation in the event.
  • Any Participant experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will immediately cease participation in any event activities.
  • Any Participant who experiences symptoms of COVID-19 during or within 14 days after departing the event will notify Unplugged Gaming, LLC immediately by email at robr@whoseturn.org.
  • Participants accept that these requirements may change at any time based on requirements and recommendations from regulating authorities. Participant agrees to abide by any updated requirements/regulations.



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