Policies / Code of Conduct

Whose Turn is committed to maintaining a fun, safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for board gamers of all kinds and levels of experience. Following are our policies. Some of these policies are explained in more detail in the Member FAQ.


  • Pre-registration is required. There is no “at the door” registration.
  • 2-Day and 4-Day registrations/badges are available. There are no 1-day or 3-day registrations
  • Refunds are available until 30 days immediately prior to the event. No refunds can be granted within 30 days of the event.
  • No badge swapping/sharing is allowed.
  • Badges must be worn while at the event, at all times.
  • Registration requires agreement with the web site Terms and Conditions, including adherence to these policies and code of conduct.


The focus of Whose Turn Is It Anyway? is on adults. Please be advised that most attendees are over 18.  While we welcome minors, the following information and guidelines should help you make educated decisions about whether this event is appropriate for your child:

  • Everyone 16 and older needs to register at regular price. Children 10-15 can register at the discounted Youth rate.
  • Whose Turn does not provide any babysitting services, nor should our volunteer organizers be expected to supervise your child.  Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by their parents or responsible guardian at all times.  Whose Turn does not guarantee any planned events for kids.
  • We do not enforce curfews for anyone at Whose Turn.  Please be aware that the late-night crowd often engages in party games and not all language/content may be appropriate for minors.  It is each parents’ responsibility to consider this in setting an appropriate curfew for their child(ren) and showing respect for “adult time.”
  • No participant should feel pressured to play a game with your child.  Many would welcome the opportunity to play with them, and others would prefer to keep their gaming child free.
  • There is alcohol present at this event.
  • Please note that these guidelines apply to all minors (under 18) unless otherwise specified.


Whose Turn Is It Anyway? is dedicated to providing a safe, respectful, inclusive, and fun environment for all in attendance regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, relationship status, or religion. For this reason, we will not tolerate any form of harassment of convention participants. This policy applies to participants at all conference venues, conference-related social events, and on conference related communication channels. We reserve the right to remove or ban, without refund, any person who does not adhere to our anti-harassment policies. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. For details, please read our complete anti-harassment policy.

Food, Drinks, and Alcohol

Food and drink in the gaming rooms must be purchased from the convention center. This is their policy and part of our contract with them.

Alcohol – If you drink alcohol, don’t drive! Please have a designated driver. Individuals must be 21 to consume alcohol in the United States. Serving alcohol to minors is against United States law. Individuals who appear to be intoxicated will not be allowed into (or will be asked to leave) the convention space.


  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated. If in doubt, treat them the way they want to be treated.
  • Be a good steward of others’ games. Check around your play area after every play for almost-lost game pieces.  Make sure you know where you got the game and where to return it.
  • Label your games. Include your name and contact information inside every game you bring.
  • No Table Camping – If you’re not using a table, please don’t leave games/personal items there for long periods of time (i.e. in excess of 30 minutes) in an attempt to reserve it or finish the game later.
  • Clean up after yourself. Leave game tables free from trash and crumbs.
  • Help everyone feel welcome. Make a point to invite a new-to-you person to join you or strike out to join an as-yet-unknown group!


Liability – Whose Turn, and Unplugged Gaming, LLC are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury. Attendees are responsible for their actions and any results. Emergencies are to be handled by the appropriate local authorities.

Smoking – In accordance with Hotel/Convention Center Policy and Local Laws, there is no smoking in the convention area.

Weapons – The personal possession of firearms in all areas of the convention center is strictly prohibited. This prohibition applies to all attendees including those who have a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Announcements are occasionally necessary to ensure attendees are aware of important information. Announcements will be kept as short as possible to limit interruptions to gaming. Please note that on Saturday evening, we have about a 30-minute program to present awards, prizes, recognize sponsors, etc. You should expect your gaming to be interrupted if you are in the main gaming area during that time.

Prize and Giveaway PolicyWhose Turn often features prizes, giveaways, and Play To Win games. Full details of these activities can be found in the year’s program and/or on the Welcome Board at the event.

The Safe Team is tasked with ensuring the Code of Conduct is followed, providing assistance to attendees, accepting reports of Code of Conduct violations, and deciding on consequences/actions, when necessary. Following are the various policies, procedures and documents outlining the operation of the Safe Team.

Whose Turn’s Policy on Addressing Reported Violations of the Code of Conduct.  Our general policies regarding how we will handle and address reported violations of the Code of Conduct.

Whose Turn Procedures for Addressing Reported Violations of the Code of Conduct. This document provides step by step procedures and parameters for Safe Team members responding to a person making a report of a Code of Conduct violation.

Whose Turn Incident Report.

Document used to accept a written report of a Code of Conduct violation.