Play To Win – Instructions

What Is Play To Win?

Play To Win consists of games donated by publishers providing you a chance to play to win them.  Each time you play a Play To Win game you earn an entry in a drawing to win that game. Please be sure to thank/tag our publishers, they especially love to see social media posts of people playing their games.

How Do I Access Play To Win?

Head to and enter this year’s code (found on the Member Central page of this web site).

When Does Play To Win Happen?

Play to Win begins at the very beginning of Whose Turn and we stop accepting entries at 9pm on Saturday.  Winners are displayed on the screen around shortly after 9pm on Saturday during/after the announcements.

What are the rules for Play To Win?

Each time a Play to Win Game is played one player should enter it into the web-based Play To Win system, including information for all players.

At 9pm on Saturday, Play-To-Win ends

  • Winners of each game will be randomly drawn from among all those who played it and selected “Want to Win”.
  • Each play counts as in individual entry, so playing a game multiple times, increases the chances to win
  • You do not have to use the Play To Win copy to enter!! You can play any copy of the game available at the con!
  • Winners will be displayed on the big screen, Saturday some time after 9pm.

The Rest of the Rules

  • All the games listed on the Play-To-Win system are available to win!
  • When a game is available, grab it and a group and start playing!
  • When you are done with the game, tidy it up, and return it to the table.
  • If you see a group playing a Play To Win game that you’d like to play next, feel free to call “dibs”, but make sure you’re ready to play as soon as they are done. Please do not ‘squat’ on a game if others are waiting to play.
  • In the event that a Play-To-Win game is in use, you can play any other copy in the room (if available), and these plays also count for Play-To-Win.
  • Entries can be made via the laptop at the Play To Win table, or via any mobile device.
  • Please be complete! The publishers who have generously donated these games appreciate things like the ratings, and be more likely to donate again!
  • Each person is limited to one Play to Win prize.
  • If no one has selected “Yes” for “Want to Win” for a Play to Win game, it will be awarded to someone that chose “No”.

Note that some of the fields below may no longer be in use.