Parking situation for Whose Turn

Public Parking

The key to understanding the parking situation is the question, “Is there a special event starting?”  Whose Turn is a special event.  The Carolina Theater (adjacent to the DCC) hosts special events.  There may be special events at the Durham Armory.  At the time any special event starts, and for about an hour beforehand, the parking staff will issue special event parking passes on entrance to the (Durham Centre) parking garage for $5.  Whose Turn technically starts at 8:30 a.m. each day, so we’d expect that the deck will have special event parking from 7:30-9 am.  However, should you find that your parking reality does not match our expectations, please be accepting of your parking reality and understand that our expectations are flawed, are offered only for your convenience, and are given on a best-effort basis. (i.e. Neither we nor the Durham Convention Center have any control over the writing or enforcement of the policies of the parking garage)

With that said, the likely scenarios are:

Yes, there is a special event starting:
If you arrive at around the time that a special event — Whose Turn or otherwise — is starting, you can expect the following:
  • You will pay a flat $5 fee on entrance to the parking garage.
  • You will not pay on exit, regardless of how long you stay.
No, there is not a special event starting:
  • You will get a ticket stamped with a time on entry.
  • You will pay based on how long you stay at $1.25/hr.
Things we can’t promise but might help you min/max your parking experience:
  • The exit booth is usually staffed 10 am – 7 pm.  If you leave outside of those times, you may not have to pay.
  • When special event parking is in effect, you may be able to enter by a side entrance to the deck.
  • Be prepared for special event to be happening at any time, or try to figure out when other special events may be starting.
  • There are other parking options (including hotel valet parking) noted in this year’s Guide.
  • The DCC has offered to provide tickets as you leave the convention center in case the garage attempts to overcharge you on the way out. These tickets should grant you the $5 special event fee.
Durham Centre Garage:
On-street Parking:

Hotel Parking

**Note that some hotel Valet Parking may only be available for that hotel’s guests.  Unscripted is an exception where, there is no valet and, hotel guests have free parking and the price noted is for all others.