Parking situation for Whose Turn

Public Parking

Parking in the Durham Convention Center area is governed and controlled by the City of Durham. Attendees are responsible for researching and determining their best options for parking.
The Durham Convention Center has made one option available for discount parking on Thursday and Friday.
Daily parking passes will be available for purchase from a DCC parking attendant, inside the DCC, Thursday and Friday 11 am – 3pm. Credit card only. $8.

Based on our current reading of the Park Durham web site, we do not expect that you need to purchase passes outside of these times — you only benefit from a pass if you are parking more than three hours during weekday, daytime parking hours. Parking is usually free after 7 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

That said, Park Durham information is subject to change at any time and is sometimes influenced by special events in the Convention Center area. It’s up to attendees to make themselves aware of that information as we are unable to provide regular updates or answer specific parking-related questions. Please direct those to Park Durham.


Things we can’t promise but might help you min/max your parking experience:
  • In the past, the exit booth has usually been staffed 10 am – 7 pm.  If you leave outside of those times, you may not have to pay.
  • Be prepared for special event to be happening at any time, or try to figure out when other special events may be starting.
  • Speaking of Special Events – There appear to be several at the adjacent Carolina Theatre the weekend of Whose Turn.

Hotel Parking

Please visit the Hotels page for information on Valet Parking. **Note that some hotel Valet Parking may only be available for that hotel’s guests.