Whose Turn Welcoming Committee

Whose Turn has always been a welcoming space for new people to join in. As we’ve grown, however, ensuring that welcoming feeling continues presents new challenges. In comes the Whose Turn Welcoming Committee, headed up by Jeff Shaeffer. Here’s how Jeff explains it:

About the Welcoming Committee

Everyone wants to have that wonderful feeling of a satisfied experience. The old adage, “You only get to make a first impression once” is true.  It is important to anticipate cracks that may develop due to increasing growth and adjusted old ways of operations for newer more efficient connections. Anticipating the needs of first time participants is one of those areas.

This year, Rob has asked me (Jeff Shaeffer) to head up a team of people who will give “newbies”  any help they may need becoming comfortable engaging with the Whose Turn atmosphere and family. We are looking for volunteers to take shifts at the front tables welcoming all registered attendees, handing out name badges, answering any questions and most importantly making sure first timer attendees are seen and acknowledged.

This may mean they simply get a welcoming smile and place to come when they have a question or it could entail a short guided tour of the ballroom. This would give them a personal explanation on how to navigate setting up a game and requesting players or a teacher for that game.

Personal Story

I myself am an extrovert who loves to host gaming at my house and meeting new people. But I remember the first experiences I had when I started out in this hobby. I would go to stores offering game nights to the open public only to have groups already formed and being totally ignored. This led me to seek out gaming in homes where people got to know me. So I remind myself of those times and understand that not everyone feels comfortable experiencing something as big as Whose Turn – especially for the first time. The fear of not connecting can be huge.

Join the Committee!

We plan to have two people (2) at the help table at all times as greeters. Greeters are welcome to have others join them to play games at the help table. They simply need to be available to greet and help attendees as they arrive to the event.

Please sign up for a two hour block to be the smiling face, warm handshake and maybe personal guide for those willing to venture into this experience for the very first time. As an incentive one random Committee volunteer will win a prize (TBA at a later date)! Each two hour block you spend at the help table equals one entry in the random drawing. Contact me with any questions you may. I will be contacting those who sign up with further instructions a little before the event. Thanks you for helping to continue the welcoming vibe at Whose Turn!

Jeff Shaeffer
Welcoming Committee Chair

A list of opportunities should be listed to the right or below. You can also go here to see all Events.

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