UPDATE 01/22/2023  Registration for the January 2023 Whose Turn is NOW CLOSED (we have reached capacity).

If you’ve been invited, you are welcome to create an account and hopefully you can join us at our next event.

Update 12/12/2022 – We’re aware that a few people have had issues getting this form to go through. If the form seems to “hang” on submission of you have any other issues creating your account, please reach out to us through the contact form.

Welcome to Whose Turn Is It Anyway!

Already have an account? Log in here. Chances are you are here because someone has invited you to join us at Whose Turn Is It Anyway?, four days of fun and board gaming with friends. If so, please complete the following form to create your account. This web site account serves as your official invitation and you need to be logged in to register for the event. Accounts are manually approved by volunteers so please allow a day or two to be approved.

You must provide the source (i.e. full name) of your invitation for your account to be approved!

(Haven’t been invited but want to join in?  Want more information on what this is all about, read about Whose Turn here. Having issues creating your account? Please contact us.)

**Passwords should have a minimum of 8 characters and include at least one number, uppercase, and special character.

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