It’s the Kids’ Turn!

First Annual Youth Tournament
in Remembrance of Shannon Talton

My wife, Shannon Talton, died in an automobile accident on April 3rd, 2018. While not a boardgamer herself, she believed that games were an excellent way for children to learn how to interact with adults in a fun, yet challenging manner. She encouraged our children to take part in local boardgaming events both with adults and other children and was very happy to see them make friends and have fun over the years. She was especially proud when our daughter Elizabeth won the Can’t Stop tournament at a local gaming event two years ago.

After Shannon’s death, I was extremely moved by the outpouring of support from our friends in the gaming community and feel very honored to be able to return a small portion of that support in a manner that I am sure she would approve.

Eric Roush

It’s the Kids’ Turn! Rules

The game is QUIRKLE! Anyone can play!

There will be two categories of contestants:

  1. YOUTH (as defined by a maximum age eligible for the youth discounted pass; no minimum as long as the youth can play the game on their own) will compete on score; the four players with the highest entered scores by 4 PM Saturday will compete in a final QUIRKLE match to determine the Grand Prize winner. The four finalists will each receive a Travel Edition Quirkle set; the Grand Prize is to be determined.
  2. ADULTS will compete by playing with YOUTH. Each game of QUIRKLE an ADULT plays with one or more YOUTH will earn them a QUIRKLE point! The ADULT with the most QUIRKLE points at 4 PM Saturday will win a second Grand Prize (also to be determined). In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn randomly.

Note that ADULTS must play games with at least one YOUTH other than their own children to earn a QUIRKLE point.


  • Marius plays QUIRKLE with Young Marius. No Quirkle points earned for Marius! Young Marius can enter his score for the YOUTH competition.
  • Marius and Sulla play QUIRKLE with Young Marius and Young Sulla. Marius and Sulla earn a QUIRKLE point for playing with a YOUTH other than their son. All YOUTH scores are eligible for the YOUTH competition.
  • Marius and Sulla play QUIRKLE with Young Caesar. Marius and Sulla earn a QUIRKLE point, even though they are both Caesar’s uncles!
  • Sulla plays QUIRKLE with Young Caesar and Young Marius. Sulla earns only one QUIRKLE point (no bonus for playing with multiple YOUTH).

Further details will be available at the event and in the program.


Good luck to all!