The Game Designers of North Carolina present Playtesting 4 Prizes at Whose Turn 2020! Swing by the Playtesting 4 Prizes area on Saturday from 10:30am-7:00pm to check out some cutting edge game design from local designers and get a chance to take home some free games!

There will be 15 different prototypes available to test in all genres and styles from party/social games to more strategic euro-style games. Individual prototype descriptions can be found in the Whose Turn event system. For every 30 minutes that you spend playtesting a game, the designer will give you one raffle ticket that you can then drop off at our prize table to try to win one of our great prizes!

Our prize pool for this year includes: Wingspan European Expansion, Just One, 5-2-1-1, Keyforge, Kingdomino, Smash Up, and Lost Cities.

Playtest 4 Prizes

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